by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Jacob Lee- Drums/Vocals
Patrick Hogan- Guitars/Vocals


Music and lyrics written by Patrick
Recorded by Jacob at The Doom Cupboard



released August 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Patrick D. Hogan Fresno, California

The musical attempts of Patrick D. Hogan & co.

PlasticBag FaceMask- ChaosDeathMath

¯\_(ツ)_/¯- PostPunkHardcore

Time Bomb- HeavyUglyMath

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Track Name: Murder Smitten
When I speak my split tongue glides, over secrets beneath each side. I know the truth must taste so much better than all this bitterness.
Take me back there. Away from here.
There’s a place I seldom go, That reaches farther than I know, And brings me happiness that I’ve forgotten how to feel
Breathe me, no, breach me, no, keep me. Keep me from myself.
There’s a face I never see, That keeps me floating in this sea, And lets me know that there’s a life outside what I have always had.
I wish I could go.
Track Name: Tacky Bites
Skipping stones. The water ripples out. I watched you gather yourself as the smoke left your mouth.
You cried the whole ride home. Your head on the glass. Your fists on the dash. I know you didn’t sleep the entire night. I know the windshield couldn’t keep you inside.
Asphalt skin. I watched you go. Your eyes concealed the night. I’ll tell your friends whose fault it was, who really took your life.
Your soul escaped. It made its way far from where we hid. I know there’s somewhere deep in me that sees what could have been.
Lifeless, now. I wish you well. You cough with life’s regrets. Send her home or anywhere. We just can’t lose her yet.
Track Name: Zenosyne
I feel my age. Not just numbers anymore. The way my bones still ache well into the night. I feel myself slip more and more into what I thought I’d never be.
My veins run hollow more and more. My heart refuses to pump them full. I’ve lost the will to focus on what should only be survival.
Boyhood wonder.
So turn around and start digging. That’ll be your home before you know it. Life is short and life is long, but never in that order.
Track Name: Tropical Storm
This place that’s in my dreams is the only home I know. It sits atop a mountain and shivers in the snow. I hike all day and night, and find no need to stop. But I’m always wide awake just before I reach the top.
Beyond what I could ever hope for myself, there you are, just out of reach.
Worst of all I fear that it won’t last, that I’ve kept my distance, that when I finally learn the truth it won’t live up to my expectations.
Open your eyes. What do you see? Open new eyes. What do you see?
I just want to see your face reflect the sun as it rises.
Every morning, you could give me a reason to open my eyes.
Track Name: Every Other Weekend
Half of my childhood is vacant from my memories. I’m missing something that should always be. You were my image of God and now I don’t believe. Remember when you could have been all I’d ever need?
Were you always there for me? That must have only been a dream.
There’s a little bit of you in me, but not the parts that count. I’ve repressed every bad seed you ever planted. You made me salt the earth. Guaranteed to never grow.
And as I see you more and more, I pray only that you fade. I fear that when you’re finally gone, there will be nothing more to say.
I no longer see the purpose of your figure. Just a shadow to darken my eyes. No matter the direction I’m going, I fear you’ll always leave my side.
There’s an empty seat at the table where my longing has always spilled. There’s an empty weight in my chest and it’s far too late to fill.
You were my image of God and now I don’t believe.