by Time Bomb

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released December 1, 2015

Music and lyrics written by Patrick Hogan
Guitars performed by Jacob Lee
Additional guitar written by Jacob Lee
Additional lyrics written by Remi Gawin and Jacob Lee
Produced by Jacob Lee



all rights reserved


Patrick D. Hogan Fresno, California

The musical attempts of Patrick D. Hogan & co.

PlasticBag FaceMask- ChaosDeathMath

¯\_(ツ)_/¯- PostPunkHardcore

Time Bomb- HeavyUglyMath

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Track Name: Polymorphic Light Eruption
You rise. Like the stars pierce the night. Like the sun in the sky, you rise. Like the sun in the sky, you’re above me, glowing and pure. Like the sun in the sky, the vacant blue holds you in place. Like the sun in the sky, I see you watch me, empty and sad. Like the sun in the sky, you leave me heavy and dry. Like the sun in the sky, you pass nearer every day. Like the sun in the sky, you blind. Like the sun in the sky, you cast shadows wherever you are. Like the sun in the sky, you rise. Bearing down on me. Kiss my skin. Kiss my skin. Beads of sweat pool between us. Let me in. Let me in. The world’s darker when you’re fading. Where’ve you been? Where’ve you been? I want to feel you next to me. Growing thin. Growing thin.
Track Name: Prosopagnosia
I can feel you. I know the clocks have stopped their ticking. I know that time’s stood still. I know I’ve lost touch with everything I once held close to me. I know my search is now hopeless. I know I won’t find you. I know you’re lost forever. I know I feel empty. I know you feel nothing. I know it was once real. I don’t know you anymore.
Track Name: Congenital Insensitivity
Weightless. Floating away from, all the dreams you planted in my head I know will never be reality. I recall a time when we were equal. Before I lowered myself. I’ve been trying to climb back toward you. But you’re too far now. Now I’m stuck here feeling, numb.
Track Name: Dysthymia (featuring Remi Gawin)
I’ve forgotten how to not feel alone. Company’s forfeit, I’m left in the cold. So turn away from me now. I won’t try to keep you from leaving. The key was finding out myself, that there’s no cure for what I’ve become. I want to believe I’ll find it in you, but every time I look I just find something new. New reasons to be scared that this is permanent. New reasons to believe that it’s just how I am. I’ve done it before. I’ll do it again. I’m stuck in my head. With the feeling that, no matter how close I get, I’ll never get there, Don’t try to keep me breathing. I’ve lost faith in what I could be. Now I don’t dare become anything. I don’t dare become anything at all.

Remi: My one resolve was to protect everyone I loved. So why could I not do it? I'm ashamed. Soul of filth. Let myself go under my delusions? Leave myself behind. I won't cause anymore hurt. I can't do to you what I did to them.

I just flow, through the waters of life. I’m sick of singing the blues. I wish I knew another feeling. I’m certain there’s a way past this, but I’m certain I’ll never find it. Never find it. Will you notice when I’m gone?
Track Name: Taphophobia (featuring Jacob Lee)
I spit dirt to try to scream, but I’m muffled all the same. Six feet below all hearing ears, I know it’s you that put me here. I dig deeper to find escape, but I can’t find the way. You set this trap so long ago, I know this is my grave. What's this falling from the ceiling? The weather is always unpredictable. Thunder and precipitation. The flood sends waves of refugees. They scurry up the walls. Full to burst, reproduce. It feels like sinking, arms outstretched. Reaching toward other hands. Erecting a border with four right angles. Filling up the soup bowl. But it's fine, everything is fine. No one knows what's below at all. Perhaps nothing. Until the flood rises and what once was above is no longer. Clawing out. Breaking ground. Needing light, craving sound. Time’s gone by. Losing sight. Clawing out. Breaking ground. Seeing shapes in the night. Calling now, falling down. See them dance in the light. Stalling now. Crawling down. I am trapped here.
Track Name: Depersonalization Derealization
I know you are watching, I can feel your prying eyes. You must see everything. Everything I’m not. When I sleep. When I’m dead. You’ll still know all of me. I can see my reflection in the camera lens. Watch you watch me.